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This is the joint group meeting of the research groups in Applied and Theoretical Systems Science. We discuss new results, bounce off new ideas, practice talks, and do journals clubs - just to mention a few of our activities.

We are always happy to host guests and visitors. If you're interested or would like get involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Frank M. Hilker (Applied Systems Science) & Horst Malchow (Theoretical Systems Science)

Archive: Previous research groups meetings

Winter Semester 2018/19

Date Time Presenter Title Room Note
05.02.2019 10:15am All lab members Round-table research update 66/E16
12.02.2019 10:15am All lab members Round-table literature update 66/E16
19.02.2019 10:15am Anthony Sun
Current research 66/E16
26.02.2019 10:15am Gunnar Niebaum
Current research 66/E16
05.03.2019 10:15am Jörg Klasmeier
How to give a talk 66/E16
12.03.2019 10:15am All lab members Round-table research update 66/E16
19.03.2019 10:15am Matthew Adamson
How to make the most out of conferences 66/E16
26.03.2019 10:15am Laura Herzog
Cooperation in a common-pool resource problem setting: the case of micro-pollutant regulation in the Rhine basin. 66/E01 USF
02.04.2019 10:15am All lab members How to write a PhD elevator pitch 66/E16
09.04.2019 10:15am Volker Lämmchen
How to design a poster 66/E16
Wed 10.04.2019 11:00am Prof. Dr. Marcos Marvá
Universidad de Alacalá (Spain), Dept. of Physics and Mathematics
Discrete models of disease and competition 66/E01
16.04.2019 10:15am Jörg Klasmeier
Overview of research on plastics 66/E01 USF
23.04.2019 10:15am Merlin Köhnke
The necessity of tailored control of irrupting pest populations driven by pulsed resources 66/E01 USF
30.04.2019 10:15am Adriana Bernal Escobar
Exploring the effectiveness of economic incentives to promote environmental conservation under the light of equity perceptions: Evidence from field experiments in Colombia 66/E01 USF
07.05.2019 9:00am Irina Vortkamp
Practice talk 66/E16
Anthony Sun
Practice talk 66/E16
14.05.2019 10:15am Gunnar Niebaum
Practice talk 66/E16
Ann-Katrin Reuwer
Poster 66/E16
Volker Lämmchen
Poster 66/E16
21.05.2019 10:15am
CMPD'5, Florida
28.05.2019 10:15am
SETAC, Helsinke
04.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. 66/E16
11.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. 66/E16
18.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. 66/E16
25.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. 66/E16
02.07.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. 66/E16