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Papers in peer-reviewed journals

The practice of prediction: What can ecologists learn from applied, ecology-related fields?
F Pennekamp, MW Adamson, OL Petchey, J-C Poggiale, M Aguiar, BW Kooi, DB Botkin, DL DeAngelis
Ecological Complexity
Quantifying uncertainty in partially specified biological models: how can optimal control theory help us?
MW Adamson, AY Morozov, OA Kuzenkov
Proc. R. Soc. A 472 (2193), 20150627
Defining and detecting structural sensitivity in biological models: developing a new framework
MW Adamson, AY Morozov
Journal of mathematical biology 69 (6-7), 1815-1848
Bifurcation analysis of models with uncertain function specification: how should we proceed?
MW Adamson, AY Morozov
Bulletin of mathematical biology 76 (5), 1218-1240
When can we trust our model predictions? Unearthing structural sensitivity in biological systems
MW Adamson, AY Morozov
Proc. R. Soc. A, rspa20120500
Revising the role of species mobility in maintaining biodiversity in communities with cyclic competition
MW Adamson, AY Morozov
Bulletin of mathematical biology 74 (9), 2004-2031
Evolution of virulence driven by predator–prey interaction: possible consequences for population dynamics
AY Morozov, MW Adamson
Journal of theoretical biology 276 (1), 181-191

Publications connected with academic qualifications

Using partially specified models to detect and quantify structural sensitivity in biological systems (PhD Thesis)
MW Adamson