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Juan Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo

Research interests

I am interested in the study of the processes underlying the design and enforcement of rules, norms, and strategies for managing natural resources. In particular, my work is focused on the (participatory) processes that could lead societies to design and enforce rules, norms, and strategies capable of reconciling environmental, socio-economic and cultural concerns and objectives in natural resource use. For that purpose, I draw upon the contributions of:


  • Theories of the policy process—especially the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Framework and the Socio-Ecological Systems (SES) Framework.
  • Political Economy.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.
  • Natural Resource Management.
  • Behavioral Economics.
  • Experimental Economics.
  • Economic History
  • Political History



Research projects

Current work

In the context of the research conducted by the group Behavioral Economics for the Environment (BEE), we (S. Engel and A-K. Kößler) are interested in the study of policy interventions that aim to promote cooperation within groups of stakeholders. We are primarily focused on disentangling the possibles mechanisms through which participatory processes in both environmental and sustainable development policy-making could foster and sustain cooperation for sustainable resource management.

Past projects

In 2015, together with Juan Camilo Cárdenas:  Consensus building and citizen monitoring in Santander, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) program “Addressing Biodiversity – Social Conflict in Latin America (ABC-LA)”. Previous related activities were either supported or funded by IBM, the German International Cooperation (GIZ), the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS), and the Research Institute on Biological Resources Alexander von Humboldt in Colombia. 

Between 2013 and 2014, together with Angelika Rettberg and Sandra Yáñez-Quintero: A brief history of mining legislation in Colombia between the 19th and 21st  Centuries. The project was funded by the Vice – Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Universidad de los Andes.

Between 2012 and 2013, together with Juan Camilo Cárdenas and Angelika Rettberg: A study of the mining policy-making process in Colombia between the end of the 20th Century and the 21st Century. This project was funded by the Vice – Presidency for Research and the Vice – Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Universidad de los Andes.

Between 2012 and 2013, together with Angelika Rettberg: A study on the relationship between gold mining, armed conflict and criminality in Colombia in the 21st Century. Funded by the Center for Studies on Security and Drugs (CESED), Universidad de los Andes.




With Angelika Rettberg. 2016. Golden Opportunity, or a New Twist on the Resource-Conflict Relationship: Links between the Drug Trade and Illegal Gold Mining in Colombia. World Development, Vol. 84, pp. 82-96. More.

With Liliana Lizarazo, Philippe de Lombaerde, Andrea Parra, and Angelika Rettberg. 2014. Constitutional Aspects of FTAs: a Colombian Perspective. European Law Journal, Vol. 20, (6), pp. 824 – 847. More.

With Angelika Rettberg, Philippe de Lombaerde and Liliana Lizarazo. 2014. Rights, Free Trade, and Politics: The Strategic Use of a Rights Discourse in the Negotiations of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Colombia Internacional, 81, pp. 129-165. More.

Non-peer reviewed

With Angelika Rettberg and Sandra Yañez Quintero. (June, 2014). Legislando minas: breve historia de la legislación minera en Colombia, 1829-2001. Documento CEDE n.°38. Bogotá D.C.: Facultad de Economía, Universidad de los Andes. More.

With Angelika Rettberg, Philippe de Lombaerde and Liliana Lizarazo. 2014. Trading Rights? Analyzing the Role of a Rights Discourse in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in Colombia. Iberoamericana, Año XIV, (53), pp.167-173. More.

Book chapter

With Miguel Urrutia. 2015. El oro en la Nueva Granada del siglo XVIII. Auge minero y desarrollo regional. In Meisel, A. & Ramírez, M. T. La Economía Colonial de la Nueva Granada. Bogotá D.C.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, Banco de la República. More.