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University of Osnabrück
Institute of Environmental Systems Research
Barbarastr. 12
49076 Osnabrück

Room 66/E13
Phone: +49 541 969 2619

Jan Maik Wissing, Dr. rer. nat.

scientific staff, Research Group Environmental Physics

Scientific Field

  • Solar-terrestrial Physics
    energetic particle precipitation, geomagnetic storms, magnetic substorms, space physics, shocks, field line reconnection, satellite data
  • Interaction of energetic Particles and Matter
    atmospheric ionization, Geant4
  • Physik of Atmosphere and Ocean
    waves, shocks, transport, coordinate transformations, Navier-Stokes

  • Transport Modeling
    advektion, diffusion, heat transport, wind resistance, Navier-Stokes

Scientific Projects

  • Atmospheric Ionization Module Osnabrück (AIMOS)
    Calculates the atmospheric ionization due to particle precipitation and is used in a couple of climate models.

  • Atmospheric Ionization during Substorm Activity (AISstorm)
    Investigates particle precipitation and atmospheric ionization during smaller but more frequent magnetic fluctuations.
    aktuelles DFG-Projekt


  • Basics of Transport Modeling
  • Atmosphere and Climate
  • Oceans and Coasts
  • Model Construction in different Fields of Science (tutorial)
  • Proseminar