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Research project ASEM WaterNet

The overall goal of the Coordination Action ASEM WaterNet is to promote science and technology co-operation between Europe and Asia on water resources management by focussing on the five main issues: river basin management, water use efficiency in agriculture, floods, pollution, governance.

The main objective of the Coordination Action ASEM WaterNet is to contribute to the commitments of the EU Water Initiative and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), mainly concerning the sustainable access to safe drinking water, global partnerships and development, the environmental sustainability, by building and promoting a multi-stakeholder and scientific platform on water resources management.

The platform will mobilise the individual strengths of 18 ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) partner countries, interact with existing networks, and promote interdisciplinary activities between public authorities, scientific community, private sector and civil society. Through several types of coordinating activities, the 53 participating organisations will gather their experiences on five priority areas, defined during a first workshop in 2002, namely:

  1. river basin approach
  2. water use efficiency in agriculture
  3. erosion, flash floods and floods
  4. pollution and water quality
  5. water governance.

These joint activities will lead to identify new solutions for improved water use, protection and reduction of risks (pollution, depletion, erosion, flood).

Through the organisation of workshops and a conference, the project will furthermore boost and promote exchanges between the scientific community and the industrial and political representatives.