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The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

This phrase applies for physical, chemical and biological  systems as well as for social and economical systems. The reason for this is that, in all these systems elements (e.g. trees, persons) are connected by a set of links and are changing and influence each other continuously. By this complexity can develop and new phenomena and structures can emerge on higher levels (like an ecosystem or a city).

Studies in Systems Science

The aim of Systems Science is to understand the behaviour of complex systems and to identify opportunities of influencing the system. Systems Science developes mathematical and computer-based models of selected aspects of reality .

Systems Science is highly methodically characterized and follows an cross-disciplinary approach. Systems Science is therefore particularly suitable for interdisciplinary problems. 

Studies in Systems Science includes systems science, mathematics, computer science and a application subject, which can be chosen from a broad set of disciplines (e.g. biology, economics, social sciences, physics).

Currently two 3-year bachelor programs and a 2-year master program are offered. In Germany these programs only exist at Osnabrück university.

Study Counselling

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Bachelor program
Applied Systems Science

The Bachelor program 'Applied Systems Science' ends with a full professional qualification but also allows to continue studies in a master program. Read more (German language)

Dual Bachelor program
Environmental Systems Science

By the Dual Major Bachelor’s programs at the Universität Osnabrück a core subject  Environmental Systems Science is offered, which can be combined with other core subjects. Read more (German language)

Master program
Environmental Systems and Resources Management

The Master program Environmental Systems and Resources Management has a stronger emphasis on research. The successful completion of a Bachelor program is a prerequisite to join the Master program. Read more (German language)