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This is the joint group meeting of the research groups in Applied and Theoretical Systems Science. We discuss new results, bounce off new ideas, practice talks, and do journals clubs - just to mention a few of our activities.

We are always happy to host guests and visitors. If you're interested or would like get involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Frank M. Hilker (Applied Systems Science) & Horst Malchow (Theoretical Systems Science)

Archive: Previous research groups meetings

Summer Semester 2017

Date Time Presenter Title Room Note
04.04.2017 11:00am Prof. Dr. Arndt Telschow
Universität Münster
Disease outbreaks and critical transitions in complex (socio-)ecological systems. 66/E01 USF
01:30pm Joachim Ulrich Kleinmann
MSc Geoecology
UFZ Leipzig
Plant-fungus interactions and their implications for nutrient cycling and biomass growth: Insights from modelling arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a heterogeneous environment. (Disputation) 66/101 USF
03:00pm Gunnar Dreßler
Dipl. Biomath.
UFZ Leipzig
Analyzing resource use decisions under global change by agent-based modeling. (Disputation) 66/101 USF
05.04.2017 10:00am Mateus Dantas de Paula
MSc Plant Ecology
UFZ Leipzig
Forest fragmentation in space and time – new perspectives from forest modelling and remote sensing. (Disputation) 66/101 USF
02.05.2017 11:00am Simone Ossani, MSc Maths.
UFRGS Porto Alegre, Brazil
A bit about prey-predator systems and synchronized metapopulations. 66/E01
10.05.2017 04:00pm Dr. Alessandro Tavoni
Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science
Tipping Points and Loss Aversion in International Environmental Agreements. 66/E01 USF