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Research project Know2Adapt

In many regions of the world, climate change is projected to increase the frequency and intensity of water-related disasters, such as, floods and droughts. To accelerate adaptation processes and to adapt more effectively and efficiently, countries and regions are stimulated to participate in international cooperation and learning processes. Against this background, the research project Know2Adapt (Knowledge Transfer for Climate Change Adaptation) aims to provide more insights into learning about climate change adaptation through international cooperation processes. In doing so, the research focuses on recently completed European cooperation projects (funded under INTERREG IV and FP7 programmes). The research addresses the following questions: To what degree do project participants, their organizations and external actors learn about climate change adaptation through a cooperation project? What conditions explain the presence or absence of learning outcomes?

For this research, insights from diverse literature streams are integrated into a comparative research framework. For this, the researcher builds upon the results of her own PhD project on the transfer of water management knowledge and previous USF projects, such as, NeWater and Twin2Go. Empirical data is collected from circa 10 projects, which are selected from European water-related projects that involve the transfer of knowledge for climate change adaptation. Qualitative Comparative Analysis will be used to identify the conditions that are necessary and sufficient for learning to occur.

The research is implemented with financial support of a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (PIEF-GA-2012-326268 KNOW2ADAPT).

For a general overview of the project, see this Poster (June 2014)

For more information about the research' theoretical framework and preliminary results, see:

For more information about outreach, see this Outreach, Dissemination and Engagement Plan (February 2015)