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Stefanie Engel and Frank Hilker presenting in the lecture series ,Mensch – Umwelt – Netzwerke: Komplexe Systeme, Wahrnehmungsmuster, Interaktionen‘ (Human-Environment Networks: Complex systems, perception patterns, interactions).'

Stefanie Engel is member of the Scientific Programme Committee for the upcoming World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE), to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from June 25-29, 2018. The WCERE is the main conference for environmental and resource economists worldwide.

Stefanie Engel became member of the new DFG Permanent Senate Commission on Fundamental Issues of Biological Diversity.


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Bellman Prize for mathematical analysis of harvest timing

The 16th Bellman Prize goes to Frank Hilker, professor of Applied Systems Science, and his co-authors Begoña Cid und Eduardo Liz from the University of Vigo in Spain. The prize epitomizes the successful application of rigorous mathematics and computation to a highly pertinent biological phenomenon.

Current Publications:

Atwood E, Falcieri FM, Piehl S, Bochow M, Matthies M, Franke J, Carniel S, Sclavo M, Laforsch C, Siegert F (2019). Coastal accumulation of microplastic particles emitted from the Po river, Northern Italy: Comparing remote sensing and hydrodynamic modelling with in situ sampling collection. Marin. Pollut. Bull. 138, 561-574.

Köhnke MC, Malchow H (2019). Wave pinning in competition-diffusion models in variable environments. Journal of Theoretical Biology 461, 204-214.

Ricke A, Bondarenko E, Úr G, Kálai T, Hideg K, Steinhoff H-J, Matthies M (2018). Interaction kinetics of sulfadiazine and N-Acetyl-sulfadiazine with soil humic acid: ESR Investigations with nitroxide spin labels. Appl. Magnet. Reson. DOI: 10.1007/s00723-018-1082-2

Bengfort M, Siekmann I, Malchow H (2018). Invasive competition with Fokker-Planck diffusion and noise. Ecological Complexity 34, 134-138.

Francomano E, Hilker FM, Paliaga M, Venturino E (2018) Separatrix reconstruction to identify tipping points in an eco-epidemiological model. Applied Mathematics and Computation 318, 80-91.

Wunder S, Brouwer R, Engel S, Ezzine-de-Blas D, Muradian R, Pascual U, Pinto R (2018) From principles to practice in paying for nature's services. Nature Sustainability, 1, 145-150. Available here

Köhnke MC, Malchow H (2017) Impact of Parameter Variability and Environmental Noise on the Klausmeier Model of Vegetation Pattern Formation. Mathematics, 5, 69.

Muller A, Ferré M, Engel S, Gattinger A, Holzkämper A, Huber R, Müller M, Six J (2017) Can soil-less crop production be a sustainable option for soil conservation and future agriculture? Land Use Policy 69, 102-105. Available here

Barraquand F, Louca S, Abbott KC, Cobbold CA, Cordoleani F, DeAngelis DL, Elderd BD, Fox JW, Greenwood P, Hilker FM, Murray DL, Stieha CR, Taylor RA, Vitense K, Wolkowicz GSK, Tyson RC (2017) Moving forward in circles: challenges and opportunities in modeling population cycles. Ecology Letters 20, 1074-1092. DOI

Hamelin FM, Hilker FM, Sun AT, Jeger MJ, Hajimorad MR, Allen LJS, Prendeville HR (2017) The evolution of parasitic and mutualistic plant-virus symbioses through transmission-virulence trade-offs. Virus Research 241, 77-87.

Hilker FM, Allen LJS, Bokil VA, Briggs CJ, Feng Z, Garrett KA, Gross LJ, Hamelin FM, Jeger MJ, Manore CA, Power AG, Redinbaugh MG, Rua MA, Cunniffe NJ (2017) Modelling virus coinfection to inform management of maize lethal necrosis in Kenya. Phytopathology 107, 1095-1108.

Hilker FM, Paliaga M, Venturino E (2017) Diseased social predators. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 79, 2175-2196.

Pahl-Wostl C (2017). An Evolutionary Perspective on Water Governance: From Understanding to Transformation. Water Resour Manage 31:2917–2932. DOI

Segura J, Hilker FM, Franco D (2017) Population control methods in stochastic extinction and outbreak scenarios. PLoS ONE 12, e0170837.

Siekmann I, Bengfort M, Malchow H (2017). Coexistence of competitors mediated by nonlinear noise. European Physical Journal Special Topics 226(9): 2157-2170.

Eberlen J, Scholz G,  Gagliolo M (2017). Simulate this! An Introduction to Agent-Based Models and their Power to Improve your Research Practice. International Review of Social Psychology. 30(1), pp.149–160. DOI

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