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Westerberg campus map


Campus map

Of most interest are likely the maps of the area, the journey to the university and the map to the location Westerberg where the institut is resident. The Institut of Environmental Systems Research has the Number 66 in the building system of the university of Osnabrück.


Osnabrück is a cross station of the train lines Ruhrarea to Bremen/Hamburg and Amsterdam to Hannover/Berlin. Additionally, there exists a regional train system to Oldenburg/Wilhemshaven. Timetables are available here.

From the central train station (Osnabrück Hbf), there's a direct bus connection to the University's Westerberg campus. It is served by lines 21 (direction "Atterfeld") and 22 (also direction "Atterfeld" or "Campus Westerberg/ICO"). The bus stop is called "Hochschulen Westerberg". The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can first go from the central train station to "Neumarkt", the central bus station, by taking lines 31 (Heger Friedhof), 33 (Piesberger Straße), 61/62 (Dodesheide), 81/82 (Pye), 91 (Hellern) or 92 (Hörne). At "Neumarkt", connect to lines 11/12 (Eversburg-Büren) or 13 (Attersee). Again, leave the bus at the stop "Hochschulen Westerberg", time table). Traveling via Neumarkt will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes.


Central crosspoint of the buslines is the Neumarkt. From bus stage A2 the lanes 11/12 (Eversburg-Büren), 13 (Attersee) and 21 (Atterfeld) direction university (Westerberg) / USF are leaving. For further information and timetable visit the offical timetable.

Using bus lane 21 exit at "Hochschulen Westerberg". Using the other lines exit the bus at station "Sedanplatz". From there cross the street "Natruper Straße" and turn right and follow the "Sedanstraße" crossing the "Albrechtstraße". At the first intercross turn left following the "Barbarastraße" until the end of this street. The building (number 66) of the Institut of Environmental Systems Research is located on the right side.

The public services of Osnabrück also offer information of the bus lanes. There is a layout of the buslines (.pdf) and a trip planner.


The arrival to Osnabrück is possible usign the highways A1 (Ruhrarea - Hamburg/Bremen), A30 (Amsterdam -Hannover) and A33 (Bielefeld/Paderborn). Use the exits "Osnabrück Hafen" from highway A1 or "Osnabrück Hellern" from highway A30.


Through the airport Münster/Osnabrück there is a connection to international air traffic. There is a express bus lane from the airport (X150) available to the Neumarkt. From there continue using the bus lanes a described above.