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Research profile of the Institute

Our research covers the integrated description and analysis of the state of the environment and its compartments, the analysis of their transformation processes, and the development of problem solutions. Mathematical-scientific processes of model formation are used to enable us to understand environmental systems, to predict their material impact, and to evaluate their effects on humans and ecosystems. Therefore, mass balances on a national, regional, and operational level are carried out, and environmental management systems are developed. Analytical methods are developed and applied in laboratory experiments to develop fate models. Field experiments are performed at different scales for model evaluation and to support uncertainly and sensitivity analysis.

A further topic has recently been added to the research program: The description and analysis of social systems and decision processes within human-technology-environment systems. Agent-based analysis and modelling are linked to participation methods in order to better understand the impact of human actions on the environment and to initiate innovation processes with the participating agents.

Research groups

Following the current research profile, our research is organized in the following departments, with the individual areas being closely linked to one another:

Applied Systems Science              Behavioral Economics for the Environment

Ecological Modelling                         Resources Management      

Theoretical Systems Science         Projects in Environmental Systems Modelling