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Research Seminar Systems Science

Summer Semester 2019

The Research Seminar takes place on Tuesdays between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Guidelines for Presenters


Date Time Presenter Title Room Target
audience *
Round-table research update. 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Round-table literature update. 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
19.02.2019 10:15am Anthony Sun
Current research 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
26.02.2019 10:15am Gunnar Niebaum
Current research 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
05.03.2019 10:15am Jörg Klasmeier
How to give a talk 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
12.03.2019 10:15am
Round-table research update 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
19.03.2019 10:15am Matthew Adamson
How to make the most out of conferences 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
26.03.2019 10:15am Laura Herzog
Cooperation in a common-pool resource problem setting: the case of micro-pollutant regulation in the Rhine basin. 66/E01 USF
02.04.2019 10:15am All lab members How to write a PhD elevator pitch 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
09.04.2019 10:15am Volker Lämmchen
How to design a poster 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Wed 10.04.2019 11:00am Prof. Dr. Marcos Marvá
Universidad de Alacalá (Spain), Dept. of Physics and Mathematics
Discrete models of disease and competition 66/E01 ASW/TSW/NumP
16.04.2019 10:15am Jörg Klasmeier
Overview of research on plastics 66/E01 USF
23.04.2019 10:15am Merlin Köhnke
The necessity of tailored control of irrupting pest populations driven by pulsed resources 66/E01 USF
30.04.2019 10:15am Adriana Bernal Escobar
Exploring the effectiveness of economic incentives to promote environmental conservation under the light of equity perceptions: Evidence from field experiments in Colombia 66/E01 USF
07.05.2019 9:00am Irina Vortkamp
Practice talk 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Anthony Sun
Practice talk 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
14.05.2019 10:15am Gunnar Niebaum
Practice talk 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Ann-Katrin Reuwer
Poster 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Volker Lämmchen
Poster 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
21.05.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. kein 66/E01
28.05.2019 10:15am N.N.
04.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
t.b.a. kein 66/E01
11.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
18.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
25.06.2019 10:15am N.N.
02.07.2019 10:15am N.N.

* Target audiences

USF General seminar for all members of the Institute
Specific seminars
ASW Applied Systems Science
EcoM Ecological Modelling
BEE Behavioral and Environmental Economics
NumP Numerical Physics: Modelling
PEM Projects in Environmental Systems Modelling
REM Resources Management
TSW Theoretical Systems Science

Archive: Research Seminars of previous semesters