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Research project WADEMED

WADEMED (Knowledge Database for Management of Water Demand in the Mediterranean Region); duration 2003-2006) aimed to create an integrated knowledge database of experiences made in the management of water demand in the Mediterranean region.

The project is structured along three central aspects of the management of water demand: application of improved irrigation technologies and practices for an increased irrigation efficiency; creation and implementation of economic instruments for rational water use; new arrangements for an improved water management.

For each of the three aspects, a case study was carried out in one of the partner states, which was accomplished by an international seminar. The results of the seminar (Proceedings, policy recommendations, etc.) and the experiences made in the case study fed into the knowledge database.

WADEMED intended to bring back diverse stakeholders (farmers, water managers, agricultural advisers, etc.) and scientists of different disciplines. Thus in the seminars, cooperation was improved by a broad knowledge and experience basis. In turn thereby, the development of regional knowledge networks was supported.

WADEMED is a common action of the INCO-MED Program within the 5. Framework Program of the EU for Research and Technical Development (project number: ICA3-CT-2002-10014).

The USF participated in WP2 "Economic Instruments" and WP3 "Institutional Arrangements for Integrated Water Demand Management", and was member of the Scientific Committee. Furthermore, the USF performed intense empirical research relevant for the project.