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Prof. Dr. Susanne Schlünder



She is a scholar in Romance literature and cultural studies with research interests in the field of the environmental humanities. She focuses on historical conceptions and current and future projections of human-environment relations in French and Spanish spoken culture and literature. Some of her main topics are: Nature and economy, nature and affect, ecological governmentality, dystopia.

Research interests in environmental humanities:

  • Environmental narratives and discourses
  • Human-nature relations from Enlightenment to 21st century (Spain and Hispano-America)
  • Ecocritical Futurology (France, Central and South America)

 Current Projects:

Digital Humanities and Cultural Studies-Oriented Conceptual History – On the Historical Semantics and Affectivity of the Concept of Nature from a Spanish-Hispano-American Perspective (1735-1820) (2020-2023, funded by Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur)

Protecting Livelihoods and Biodiversity in Costa Rica (2021-2024) (funded by DAAD)

Publications in the field of Environmental Humanities:

Schlünder, S (2022) Nature as a protagonist of production in Jovellanos’s Informe sobre la ley agraria and Diario – A ‘measurement of the sublime’. In: Protagonists of Production (Schuchardt, B von Tschilschke, C, eds.). De Gruyter, Berlin. (forthcoming)

Schlünder, S (2021) Lima 1746: Configurations of Catastrophe and Asymmetric Ecologies. In: Asymmetric Ecologies in Europe and South America around 1800 (Carrasco R, Schlünder S, eds.). De Gruyter, Berlin. (forthcoming)

Büscher, M Stein, L Durán, ME Cazar, ME Hillebrand, P Schlünder, S, Fiebelkorn, F (2021) Ecuadorian Children’s Willingness to Protect Endangered Animal Species-Identifying behavioral predictors in a biodiversity hotspot. Society & Animals (submitted)

Schlünder, S. (2018) Las Humanidades Ambientales como desafío y oportunidad de la Hispanística: narrativas del medioambiente en Anacristina Rossi. In: La Hispanística y el desafío de la globalización en el siglo XXI: posiciones, negociaciones y códigos en las redes transatlánticas (Bolte, R Haase, J, Schlünder, S eds.).  Vervuert, Frankfurt a.M., pp. 291-305.