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Institut für Umweltsystemforschung
Barbarastr. 12
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Raum 66/E23
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Raissa Ulbrich

(B. Sc. Environmental & Resource Management, M. Sc. Industrial Ecology)
Resources Management

Research interests

  • Sustainability of food systems
  • Transdisciplinary transformative research & transdisciplinary co-design 
  • Participatory processes & facilitation
  • Organisational learning with a focus on social learning systems & communities of practice
  • Science communication and environmental education

Current Projects

In the REACT4MED project ('Inclusive Outscaling of Agro-ecosystem REstoration ACTions for the MEDiterranean') living labs serve as an exploratory space to develop, test and implement measures to improve sustainable land and water management in the Mediterranean in a participatory process.

Past Projects

The MEDUWA-Vecht(e)  ('MEDicines Unwanted in WAter') project developed innovative solutions along the whole pharmaceutical chain to avoid emissions of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and multi-resistant micro-organisms in soil, (drinking) water, air and food.


Recent publications

Ulbrich, R., and C. Pahl-Wostl. 2019. The German Permaculture Community from a Community of Practice Perspective. Sustainability 11(5):1241. Link to article