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Dr. Matthew W Adamson

Research Associate, Applied Systems Science


I am a researcher working with mathematical models to understand and predict ecosystems. My research mainly focuses on the consideration of uncertain model functions in systems, representing our potentially limited knowledge of the complex underlying biological processes. In this case, even the qualitative model outputs are inherently fuzzy/probabilistic, as we need to carry the uncertainty in the underlying processes through our analysis. The primary research areas in which I am interested in applying this framework are given below.

Research Areas

  • Structural sensitivity of biological systems
  • Early warning signals for critical transitions
  • Adaptive dynamics modelling of evolutionary processes
  • Ecoepidemic modelling
  • Spatiotemporal pattern formation


Winter semester, 2016/17

Biological resources modelling (MSc)


Summer semester, 2016

Practical bifurcation analysis (MSc)


Winter semester, 2015/16

Biological resources modelling (MSc)