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Institute of Environmental Systems Research
Barbarastr. 12
49076 Osnabrück

Room 66/E24
Tel: +49 541 969 2424
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Dr. Ann-Kathrin Koessler

The aim of my research is to generate a better understanding of human behavior in socio-ecological systems. I am particularly interested in how pro-social and pro-environmental behaviour can be motivated and strengthened and what policy instruments may be effective to do so.

In my research, I  am employing experimental (lab and field), conceptual and theoretical methods.

Work in progress

    • Conformity concerns in the commitment to contribute to the commons
    • The role of participatory workshops in sustainable development processes (with J.-F. Ortiz-Riomal and S. Engel)
    • Behavioural Economics and agricultural policies (with F. Thomas and S. Engel)
    • Heterogenities and social goods (with J. Müller)
    • Self-reports in group efforts (with Maria Cubel, Robert Hoffmann, Santiago Sanchez)


      Pro-social Behaviour:

      • Who gives ? - On empathy and impulsiveness (with J. Andreoni and M. Serra-Garcia, 2017) [forthcoming in 'The Economics of Philanthropy' (MIT press)]
      • Public statements of good intent help to sustain pro-social behaviour (with U. Dulleck and L. Page, 2017) [under review]
      • Moral pluralism in behavioural spillovers - A cross-disciplinary dialogue between a behavioural economist and a moral philosopher (with M. Vincent) [in progress, Please email if you are interested]

      Environmental Policy:

      • Stupsende Agrarpolitik- Nudging zu einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft (with F. Thomas and S. Engel) [forthcoming in DIW Vierteljahresheft]
      • Policies as information carriers: (Potential) Perceptional and behavioural changes due to environmental policies (with S. Engel) [in progress, Please email if you are interested]

      General Public Policy: