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Larissa Koch

Resources Management, PhD Student 


I am a PhD student in the working group Resources Management. I studied Communication Sciences with a minor in Environmental Sciences and obtained my Master of Science degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. 

After my studies, I worked at the Mercator Research Insitute for Global Commons and Climate Change in Berlin. There we carried out research on stakeholder engagement for sustainability projects and how they can foster social learning. 

 Please also visit me on Research Gate

Research Interests

  • Analysis and evaluation of stakeholder engagement and participatory processes, its challenges and opportunities, and with a strong focus on different knowledge systems and their influence on communication and interaction
  • Processes of social learning in the context of natural resource management, and interlinkages with transformative or policy learning
  • Analysis of discourses and narratives for societal transformations, with a strong focus on the Water-Energy-Food nexus narrative
  • Analysing patterns and emergence of social discourse networks for sustainable development 
  • The role of science in science-policy interactions: Theoretical models and practical formats for the science-policy interface and deliberative democracy
  • Interviews, interviewing techniques and qualitative data analysis 


Schenuit, F., Koch, L. & Jakob, M. (2019): Markets for Public Attention at the Interface of Climate Science and Policy Making, Environmental Communication. doi: 10.1080/17524032.2019.1688370

Chabay, I., Koch, L., Martinez, G. & Scholz, G. (2019). Influence of Narratives of Vision and Identity on Collective Behavior Change. Sustainability 11 (20), 5680. doi: 10.3390/su11205680

Garard, J., Koch, L., & Kowarsch, M. (2018). Elements of success in multi-stakeholder deliberation platforms. Palgrave Communications 4, 129. doi: 10.1057/s41599-018-0183-8

Sticzay, N., & Koch, L. (2015). Slum upgrading. UN Sustainable Development Goals Report 2015. Link