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Dr. Ann-Kathrin Koessler

Das Ziel meiner Forschung ist es menschliches Verhalten im sozial-ökologischen Kontext besser zu verstehen. Mein besonderes Interesse gilt hierbei der Frage wie pro-soziales und umwelfreundliches Verhalten motiviert und gestärkt werden kann und welche Politikmaßnahmen sich hierfür eignen.

Methodisch arbeite ich mit ökonomischen Experimenten (Labor- und Feldexperimente), konzeptionell sowie mit theoretischen Modellen.

    Laufende Forschungsprojekte

    • The role of participatory workshops in sustainable development processes (with Juan-Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo and Stefanie Engel)
    • Heterogenities and social goods (with Julia Müller)
    • Self-reports in group efforts (with Maria Cubel, Robert Hoffmann, Santiago Sanchez)


      Pro-social Behaviour:

      • Who gives ? - On empathy and impulsiveness (with J. Andreoni and M. Serra-Garcia, 2017) [forthcoming in The Economics of Philanthropy (MIT press)]
      • Public statements of good conduct promote pro-social behavior (with U. Dulleck and L. Page, 2018) [under review] Working Paper
      • Moral pluralism in behavioural spillovers - A cross-disciplinary dialogue between a behavioural economist and a moral philosopher (with M. Vincent) [under review] [Please email for a copy]

      Environmental Policy

      • Stupsende Agrarpolitik- Nudging zu einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft (with F. Thomas and S. Engel, 2017) [forthcoming in DIW Vierteljahresheft]
      • Setting new behavioural standards: Sustainability pledges and how conformity influences their outreach (2018) [under review]
      • Policies as information carriers: perceptional and behavioural changes due to environmental policies (with S. Engel, 2018) [Please email for a copy]

      General Public Policy:

      • Commitment to pay taxes: An exploratory field experiment on the role of promises  (with L.P. Feld, B.S. Frey and B. Torgler, 2016) [revise & resubmit]  Working Paper 
      • Insights into the impact of bankrupty's public record on entrepreneurial activity: A behavioural economics perspective  (with U. Dulleck, N. Howell and R. Mason, 2017) [under review] Working Paper
      • Policy Report: Improving communication with directors of firms in liquidation  (with Benno Torgler Uwe Dulleck, Markus Schaffner, 2014) Policy Report 428 - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

      PhD Thesis:

      • An experimental investigation of moral commitments, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (2015) PhD Thesis


            • SS 2018: Environmental Behaviour and Policy
              This course aims to provide an understanding of the basic policy instruments how environmentally damaging behaviour can be regulated. Standard economic approaches as well as behaviour based interventions, such as nudges, will be discussed. The course is designed for an interdisciplinary audience and the language of instruction will be English.

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