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Dr. Ann-Kathrin Kößler

Main research interest

Behavioral and Experimental Economics for the Environment

  • Incentives for pro-social and pro-environmental behaviour
  • Communication, commitment and compliance
  • Intrinsic motivation and participation

Work in progress

    Conformism in the commitment to contribute to the commons

    Perceptual changes due to environmental policies (with S. Engel)

    Doing good or doing harm ? A matter of the value set (with M. Vincent)

    The role of participatory workshops in sustainable development processes (with J.-F. Ortiz-Riomal and S. Engel)

    2 Tiers of pro-environmental actions (with F. Thomas and S. Engel)

    Heterogenities and Social goods (with J. Müller)

    Nudging farmers (with F. Thomas and S. Engel)


      Public statements of good intent help to sustain pro-social behaviour in public good situations (with U. Dulleck and L. Page) [under review]

      Commitment to pay taxes: An exploratory field experiment on the role of promises (with L.P. Feld, B.S. Frey  and  B. Torgler) [under review]

      Who gives ? - On empathy and impulsivness  (with J. Andreoni and M. Serra-Garcia) [under review]

      Promises and the Heartrate: An analysis in situations with uncertain outcomes  (with U. Dulleck, R. Kerschbamer, M. Schaffner, B. Torgler) (available upon request)

      Insights into the impact of bankrupty's public record on entrepreneurial activity: A behavioural economics perspective  (with U. Dulleck, N. Howell and R. Mason) (available upon request)