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This is the joint group meeting of the research groups in Applied and Theoretical Systems Science. We discuss new results, bounce off new ideas, practice talks, and do journals clubs - just to mention a few of our activities.

We are always happy to host guests and visitors. If you're interested or would like get involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Frank M. Hilker (Applied Systems Science) & Horst Malchow (Theoretical Systems Science)

Archive: Previous research groups meetings

Winter Semester 2019/20

Date Time Presenter Title Room Note
29.10.2019 2:30pm All members
First meeting 66/E16
No meeting (Frank @ DAAD)
12.11.2019 2:30pm All members
Research update round 66/E16
19.11.2019 2:30pm Volker Lämmchen, Gunnar Niebaum
Practice poster presentation 66/E16
26.11.2019 2:30pm All members
Literature update round 66/E16
03.12.2019 2:30pm Dr. Jan Maik Wissing
Atmospheric ionization during substorms 66/E16
10.12.2019 2:30pm Irina Vortkamp
tba 66/E16
17.12.2019 2:30pm Matthew Adamson, PhD
tba 66/E16
07.01.2020 2:30pm NN
tba 66/E16
14.01.2020 2:30pm NN
blocked 66/E16
21.01.2020 2:30pm NN
tba 66/E16
28.01.2020 2:30pm NN
blocked 66/E16
04.02.2020 2:30pm NN
tba 66/E16
11.02.2020 2:30pm NN
tba 66/E16