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The GREAT-ER modelling system

GREAT-ER Download

The password protected self-extracting (ZIP)-archive includes the GREAT-ER model system, two complete databases of a test catchment and documentation files.

To get the password please send us an email for your request. Please give us your name, your organization and the most likely intended field of application. 

The geo-referenced regional exposure assessment tool for European rivers (GREAT-ER) constitutes a powerful software tool for modelling the fate and behaviour of chemical substances in surface waters. It combines a geographic information system (GIS) with chemical models for calculating and modelling spatially explicit substance concentrations. It was originally designed for the prediction of spatially explicit exposure concentrations of typical down-the-drain chemicals in whole river basins.

The latest version – GREAT-ER 4.1 – provides numerous features for graphical output and analysis of simulation results as well as a menu-driven scenario definition dialog. The latter can be used for a priori evaluation of reduction measures by comparison of simulation results from management scenarios with the status quo represented by respective reference scenarios.

GREAT-ER 4.1 is now available as a blueprint for free download.

For more informations and be informed about new versions of the GREAT-ER model system please send us an Email