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Research Seminar Systems Science

Winter Semester 2017/18

The Research Seminar takes place on Tuesdays between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Guidelines for Presenters


Date Time Presenter Title Room Target
audience *
20.09.2017 11:00am Vinicius Weide Coupled map lattices of eco-epidemic systems 66/E16 ASW/TSW
24.10.2017 11:00am Raissa Ulbrich  
A Social Learning perspective to monitor social change in sustainability transitions - concept and applications to sustainable food consumption. 66/E01 REM/BEE
PhD Defenses UFZ Leipzig 93/E07 USF
02:00pm Sebastian Lehmann
Linking pattern and processes in natural forests: Innovative modelling methods across scales. (Disputation)
04:00pm Edna Rödig
Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of the Amazon rainforest: A journey across temporal and spatial scales. (Disputation)
07.11.2017 NN
14.11.2017 10:15am Jörg Klasmeier
Microfibres. (Practice talk) 66/E16 ASW/TSW
21.11.2017 10:15am Anthony Sun
Current work. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
28.11.2017 10:15am Vinicius Weide
Current work. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
05.12.2017 10:15am Irina Vortkamp
Current work. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
12.12.2017 10:15am Matthew Adamson
Current work. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
19.12.2017 11:00am Caroline van Bers
Food consumption: the determinants of consumer behaviour and choices. 66/E01 REM/BEE
09.01.2018 10:15am Merlin C. Köhnke
Current work. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
16.01.2018 10:15am Irina Vortkamp
Volker Lämmchen
Practice talks. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
23.01.2018 10:15am Vinicius Weide
Matthew Adamson
Practice talks. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
30.01.2018 10:15am Leonardo Oña Bubach
Dept. of Ecology
Modelling of microbial communities 66/E16 ASW/TSW
30.01.2018 11:00am Larissa Koch
Elements of success for stakeholder participation. 66/E01 REM/BEE
06.02.2018 NN
13.02.2018 10:15am RTG PhD Students 1
tba. 66/E01 USF
20.02.2018 10:15am Gunnar Niebaum
tba. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
27.02.2018 10:15am Ann - Katrin Reuwer
tba. 66/E16 ASW/TSW
10.04.2018 10:15am Irina Vortkamp
tba. 66/E01 USF
24.04.2018 10:15am RTG PhD Students 2
tba. 66/E01 USF

* Target audiences

USF General seminar for all members of the Institute
Specific seminars
ASW Applied Systems Science
EcoM Ecological Modelling
BEE Behavioral and Environmental Economics
NumP Numerical Physics: Modelling
PEM Projects in Environmental Systems Modelling
REM Resources Management
TSW Theoretical Systems Science

Archive: Research Seminars of previous semesters