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Research Seminar Systems Science

Winter Semester 2018/19

The Research Seminar takes place on Tuesdays between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Guidelines for Presenters


Date Time Presenter Title Room Target
audience *
Wed 08.08.2018 11:15am Professor Christopher Kribs
University of Texas at Arlington
Competition and co-persistence in multistrain transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi 66/E16 ASW/TSW
Wed 29.08.2018 2:15pm Professor Julien Arino
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Number of source patches required for population persistence in a source-sink metapopulation with explicit movement 66/E16 ASW/TSW
09.10.2018 10:00am Professor Yutaka Kobayashi
Kochi University of Technology, Japan
An evolutionary model of cumulative culture and niche construction. 66/E01 USF
13.11.2018 10:15am Coralie Picoche
Integrative and Theoretical Ecology Group, University of Bordeaux and Labex COTE
Plankton and coexistence of species 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
Mon 19.11.2018 11:00am Dr. Matthew Adamson Harvesting cycles caused by a delay in acquisition and spread of ecosystem state knowledge can be dampened by harvester foresight 66/E16 USF
20.11.2018 6pm Prof. Dr. Alan Hastings
University of California, Davis
Management of ecological populations in time and space: Challenges and opportunities 11/213 (Schloss) Profile line "Human-Environment-Networks" lecture series
27.11.2018 10:15am Christina Lois Prados
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
tba 66/E16 ASW/TSW/NumP
27.11.2018 10:30am Bosco Lliso
The effect of social equity on the outcomes of payments for ecosystem services: Practitioners’ perceptions in Latin America. 66/E01 REM/BEE
11.12.2018 10:15am Dr. Frederic Hamelin
Agrocampus Ouest and Université de Rennes 1, France
Taking advantage of pathogen diversity and plant immunity to minimize disease prevalence 66/101 ASW/TSW/NumP
18.12.2018 11:00am Larissa Koch
The transformative capacity of the WEF Nexus – Dissertation research plan and theoretical insights. 66/E01 REM/BEE
08.01.2019 NN
15.01.2019 NN
22.01.2019 NN
29.01.2019 11:00am Evelyn Lukat
The role of institutional interplay in institution transfer processes: Dissertation research proposal and initial observations from South Africa. 66/E01 REM/BEE
05.02.2019 NN

* Target audiences

USF General seminar for all members of the Institute
Specific seminars
ASW Applied Systems Science
EcoM Ecological Modelling
BEE Behavioral and Environmental Economics
NumP Numerical Physics: Modelling
PEM Projects in Environmental Systems Modelling
REM Resources Management
TSW Theoretical Systems Science

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