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Research Seminar Systems Science

Summer semester 2022

The Research Seminar takes place on Tuesdays between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.


Date Time Presenter Title Notes
Wednesday, 06.04.2022 16:00 Ann-Katrin Reuwer Fragmentation behavior of plastic litter in the marine environment 66/E01 PhD
Thursday, 21.04.2022 16:00 Prof. Dr. Andreas Focks Systems-based environmental risk assessment of plant protection products: one possible step towards more sustainable agriculture 35/E16, hybrid Interdisciplinary Forum
Monday, 09.05.2022 15:00 Prof. Dr. Frithjof Lutscher, University of Ottawa (Canada) Community dynamics under global change: tipping, tracking, and early warning signals 69/125 Mathematics Colloquium
Thursday, 02.06.2022 16:00 Prof. Dr. Frank Hilker Modeling an emerging plant disease epidemic: maize lethal necrosis in Kenya Online: Interdisciplinary Forum
07.06.2022 14:00 Friedemann Liebaug, Femke Reurik, Carolin Grumbach Practice talks and practice poster presentations
13.-16.6.2022 MPDEE Torino
28.06.2022 14:15 Hans Henniger, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research How to create all possible forests in the world? Introducing a random forest generator: The Forest Factory 2.0 Online (
Monday, 04.07.2022 17:00 Prof. Dr. Andreas Focks
PD Dr. Peter Viebahn
Umweltsystemmodellierung oder Was hat Umweltschutz mit Mathematik zu tun?
Negative Emissionen in Deutschland -- Forschungsbedarf aus Sicht der Energiesystemanalyse
Bohnenkamp-Haus im Botanischen Garten Inaugural lectures
Monday, 11.07.2022 14:00 s.t. André Bogdanowski Individual-based modeling of microbial systems under consideration of consumer-resource interactions and evolution 66/E01 PhD
12.07.2022 14:15 Niamh O'Connor, University of Sheffield (UK) Modelling chemical effects on ecosystem functions: The effect of the scenario on population-level outcomes in two freshwater detritivore species
09.08.2022 14:00 s.t. Julia Schmid Modeling species-rich ecosystems to understand community dynamics and structure emerging from individual plant interactions 66/E01 PhD

Abstracts of selected talks

Hans Henniger, Tuesday 28 June, 2022

How to create all possible forests in the world? Introducing a random forest generator: The Forest Factory 2.0

Forests, as one of the most important carbon reservoirs on earth, will be stressed by environmental changes. The dynamics of forests in terms of biodiversity and structure, and consequently their ecosystem services in general, will change. We therefore present a recent model development, called "Forest Factory 2.0", which generates different forest stands around the world. This approach allows the tool to generate forests using the model mechanics of the FORMIND gap model, but for different biomes on Earth. Using Forest Factory 2.0, we conducted a structural sensitivity analysis to compare the relationships between diversity and productivity of forests in different biomes on Earth to uncover causal relationships and demonstrate the potential of this approach for theoretical ecology.

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