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Research Topics

Theory and computer simulation of self-organization in nonlinear biological, ecological, chemical and physical systems far from equilibrium, in particular

  • stochastic and deterministic theory of complex spatio-temporal pattern formation in systems with interactions, diffusion and advection,
  • theory of density- and space-dependent diffusion coefficients and reaction rates,
  • rapid diffusion and advection processes, perturbation-theoretical methods,
  • sensitivity analysis of dynamical systems,
  • applications to biochemical reaction systems, differentiation of cell communities and biomorphogenesis, nucleation phenomena, enzyme kinetics, biosensorics as well as population dynamics,
  • analysis of coupled models of hydrodynamics, transport and nonlinear biological and biochemical interactions with applications to marine ecosystem and water-quality modelling,
  • pattern formation in hybrid population-dynamical models,
  • fractal patterns of motion of rule-based model components,
  • theory of bioinvasions with applications to the spread of infectious diseases and invasive plants,
  • noise-induced spatiotemporal pattern formation and dynamics.

Research Projects

MaMPFi: Mathematical Modelling of Plankton-Fish Dynamics

MaMBIES: Mathematical Modelling of Biological Invasions and Epidemic Spread



References from 40 years of research